Transitioning together: envision the future  

I am delighted to invite you to the first European-wide, in person event for risk professionals in three years. It is hard to believe that we last met in Berlin in 2019.

The theme we have chosen for 2022 is Transitioning together – Risk leadership in a fast-changing world. This is a natural progression from our previous theme, From risk to resilience.

Now, as we progress from the pandemic crisis, we face heighten geopolitical stress as a result of the Russian conflict in the Ukraine. It is impossible to predict all the consequences, but we may see the greatest period of transition for Europe since the break-up of the Soviet Union.

What, therefore, does transitioning together mean for risk managers today? It’s an acknowledgement that sharing knowledge and skills is the way to make our societies and our organisations sustainable in this new period of disruption. As risk managers, we can help achieve what we want: a humane planet, a green planet and a digital planet.

The Forum is one of those rare opportunities to step back, look at the world and shape our partnerships for the future. We will discuss how we can work together within our organisations, with our partners and key stakeholders, with public bodies and with European institutions.

Copenhagen is the place where we, the European risk and insurance managers, can be open with our partners in the insurance industry and talk about the widening protection gaps in the transition towards a sustainable and digital future.

We will highlight our investments in transition and what we bring to the table as professional risk managers. We can discuss concrete and innovative solutions and revitalise a trusted partnership. The Forum is your opportunity to influence that endeavor.

The programme will feature visions for the future from creative scenarios to the entrepreneurial thinking of CEOs. We will have keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops to foster meaningful dialogues among risk professionals. Join me and your European colleagues to become risk leaders in fast-changing world.


The meeting will be organised in full compliance with the regulations in Denmark and the required conditions for the health and safety of participants.

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