Philippe Noirot is an ERM expert. He’s been heading the Group Risk Management function at Orange for 12 years since 2010.

The main assignments of this role are the reports to the Group governance bodies on events and risks, the monitoring of the continuous improvement of the risk management processes, as well as the deployment of a sound risk culture, through a community of dedicated risk managers. Always at the leading edge of innovation, Philippe has played a key role in the Orange “Integrated universe” gathering audit, control and risk universes in order to add value to the business, within the scope of an ISO 9001 certification.

He was previously in charge of the Group Sourcing and Supply-Chain risk management and internal control, after having joined Orange in 2002 as accounting and finance director of the subsidiary in charge of the devices’ Supply-chain. He used to be manager at Cap-Gemini Ernst & Young, specialized in the implementation of shared services centers, and had started his professional path as finance and accounting manager and project manager in French subsidiaries of US groups.

Philippe sits at the Board of the AMRAE since 2017, in charge of coordinating the works of the “Comité Scientifique Permanent”. He has leaded the works of the ERM 360° commission for 4 years. He also tackled many topics in workshops at some forums, such as:

  • How to demonstrate ERM added value?
  • From externalisation to extended enterprise : new stakes for risk managers
  • Define and use risk appetite
  • Risks of the extended enterprise
  • ERM news: URD, risk appetite, risk map evolution, etc.

He’s much involved in the exchanges with Airmic, as well as FERMA, where he actively contributes to the sustainability committee chaired by Valentina Paduano, and was speaker at a round table on the French “duty of vigilance” law (an application in France of the NFRD that CSRD is going to replace).

Philippe is also the author of 3 books related to Internal Control, published in French at AFNOR editions.

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