Mykhailo Rushkovskyi, Head of Risk Management, DTEK Group. Founder & Author,

Mykhailo Rushkovskyi is a leading Ukrainian risk manager with multiple years of experience heading risk function in Energy, Oil & Gas, Insurance. At his recent role of the Head of Risk Management at the largest Ukrainian privately-owned energy holding DTEK Group (energy, oil&gas, power grids, renewables) Mykhailo conducted full reengineering of risk management and insurance function of DTEK Group including development of Risk Management Strategy, new role model, respective set of documents and governing bodies. He also developed a state-of-the-art insurance program for DTEK Renewables, involving international insurance markets (including war risks coverage).

Previously, Mykhailo was the Chief Risk Officer at the largest state-owned company of Ukraine Naftogaz Group (oil&gas), where he established from scratch a vertically integrated Enterprise Risk Management system throughout the Group and ensured Naftogaz to become the first state-owned company in Ukraine to develop, approve and implement a Risk Appetite Statement.

Earlier in his career, Mykhailo held various positions at Allianz, Generali and Marsh, being responsible for risk management, underwriting and reinsurance.

Mykhailo holds MA degree with merits in International Business from Kyiv National University, Ukraine, and MBA degree from MIB School of Management, Italy. He is also a PhD candidate in risk management strategies at Kyiv National University, Ukraine, being an author of scientific articles on risk management.

In addition, Mykhailo founded internet publishing for risk managers that gives fresh risk management perspective on the most vibrant topics of today from geopolitics to climate change.

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