Lassi Väisänen works as the executive director of the Finnish Risk Management Association and is responsible for SRHY’s operational activities and the organization of various seminars.

He also works as CEO of GRC Partners Oy, through which he performs separate assignments in the direction of both public administration and the private sector

Previously, I was the Chief Risk Officer of Sonera and later TeliaSonera. My career at Tele started already in 1988 in the Telecommunications Development Unit.

Since 2010, he has worked in cooperation with various organizations, supporting clients’ activities in solutions for the development of public administration insurance risk management, has been developing new risk management methods, focusing on good management, modern risk management process, where the focus is also on the management of strategic, economic and financial risks and uncertainties related to the company’s results. to things that can be ignored by the company and the benefits are not attached

  • modern financial solutions – cheaper financing costs – > less loans
  • advanced counterparty risk assessment and management methods
  • methods for evaluating financial effects in connection with strategic and other significant decisions

After Swedish Telia and Finnish Sonera telecommunication companies merged, he was responsible for implementing the risk management process at TeliaSonera to cover all areas of business, covering the entire global organization. Part of the time he was acting as Chief Program Officer, whose goal was to improve the management of large projects.

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