Head of DNB Group Insurance & Senior Risk Manager in DNB Bank ASA.
Responsible for DNB Group’s Insurance program, and have worked in Group Risk Management in DNB Bank ASA in Oslo since 1985.

Responsible for operation and management of the Reinsurance program for DNB Forsikring AS 2016-2019. Managing Director for DNB Group Captive 1991 – 2015 (DNB Reinsurance S.A closed down in 2015) Senior Risk Manager and responsible for establishing and operating DNB Group’s Operational Incident database from 2005 – 2015.

Board member for Oslo Forsikring AS from April 2018 -dd.


  • What does transitioning together mean to you?

Involve and include the team, specialists and risk management and the broad competences along the transformation process.

  • What would you like to learn at the FERMA Forum?

I hope to get a good feeling for the present risk maturity and risk management focus in a rapid changing environment.   Networking and talking to the participants and sponsors.

  • How important is risk management in creating successful transition?

Very important since risk management should be involved in and be an accelerator in transformations. Identify, assess and handling risks you can steer, and exploit opportunities.

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