Kadidja Sinz joined Liberty Specialty Markets (LSM) in August 2016 and is currently Head of Europe and Middle East Region. She is responsible for leading and directing LSM’s European growth in corporate risk, offering a wide range of specialist covers for business of all sizes as well as leading the Central Region.

She started her career in Financial Lines at Chubb in the US prior to joining AIG where she spent 14 years in underwriting and branch management roles before being in charge of business development for France and Europe. She later joined ACE with European responsibilities including Eastern Europe and then XL (which became XL Catlin) as Country Manager for France then Regional Operating Officer for Europe.

Kadidja is the author of several articles on corporate governance and financial risk and is a frequent speaker at round tables on the subjects of risk, governance, distribution and management.
She also serves on the board of a leading French bank and a not-for-profit organization.
Kadidja holds a DEA in Private International Law, is a graduate of Sciences Po in Paris and has a Trium MBA from HEC, LSE and NYU.

  • What does transitioning together mean to you?

In a disrupted world, it is vital that we co-create solutions. This will involve all stakeholders in our value chain, whether that’s the client, the broker, the industry we serve, or, occasionally, the state. Transitioning together means partnership: we are in an historic moment when all stakeholders need to cooperate with one eye on the future of the global economy and a bright, if challenging, future.

The structure of the economy is shifting, perhaps to a greater degree than anytime over the last 30 years. Whether it’s climate change, inflation, energy, we need our scenario analysis to incorporate varied points of view. From an underwriter’s perspective, the pace of innovation means we can no longer rely merely on past performance but must work towards an adequate assessment of future risk. In energy, for example, some technologies needed for the transition are untested, and we need to work together to manage that challenge. And we will.

Societal expectations are also shifting, whether it’s due to the large-scale migration of populations, inflation, or health. In a more difficult world, these challenges can and will be met – together.

  • What would you like to learn at the FERMA Forum?

I’m here to keep an open mind and find out what really matters to the broker and risk manager community. We want to know, on the ground, what’s top of mind for companies, for operations leaders, for those responsible for manufacturing plans. Those are the voices we, as risk carriers, need to listen to so that we can accompany them in their transition to a sustainable future.

Speaking to partners from across Europe is always a fascinating experience. We are in overall agreement over certain fundamentals about our societies and how these are funded. On the other hand, European states are diversified in terms of their economies and specialisations, and the interdependence of European states is complex and varied. We are facing a vast array of common challenges. Today, it is more important than ever that we tackle these as a town, not disparate villages.

  • How important is risk management in creating successful transition?

Comprehensive risk management is a combination of understanding, anticipating, mitigating, and transferring a risk. The basic rules remain the same for the issue of achieving a successful transition. The question for us, as risk carriers, is how we can help our partners with these four questions, and at what level can we contribute most effectively.

The guiding principle is straightforward: how can we creatively shape the upcoming disruption to the greatest benefit to our societies and our businesses. Our role, as risk carriers, is to help make society more resilient, in essence, to be the financial backing for transitioning societies to function on a basis of fairness. The future is bright, we just need to work together to build it.

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