John has been the Global Head of Risk and Analytics (R&A) since its inception in 2014.  John’s mission, as the leader of R&A, is to modernize the risk management industry leveraging  advanced analytics, machine learning and technology across a broad range of risk types and professional disciplines.


John believes these modern approaches will help make the world a more stable place by enabling organizations’  to understand and manage risk. To accomplish this, the R&A  team has built a suite of analytical tools enabling better risk mitigation and arbitrage of risk financing options and capital strategies. John oversees industry-leading solutions including actuarial and analytical services, claims, forensic accounting, alternative risk and captive management. His team is a highly integrated global business with over 500 professionals residing in over 16 countries. They are, in John’s expert opinion, the leading team of risk advisors in the world.


Previously, John served as the inaugural CEO of Marsh Risk Consulting and was the Chair of the Marsh Captive Practice. He started his career as a CPA and was the founder and partner of RGL Forensics in 1997 after receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at Pace University.

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