I’m a goal oriented leader who is ready to go the extra mile to ensure success. My style is pragmatic and clear. I have strong hands-on experience in organizational transformation and development, outsourcing and integration, managing complex programs, leadership, management, and service management.

I have a proven track record of solving business problems, delivering results and addressing the related risks. I’m comfortable to present and discus topics with C-level management and experts alike, due to a broad technical background combined with business understanding.

I have good house-keeping skills in finance and control area, comfortable in negotiations and sourcing decisions, including outsourcing of services. I’m experienced in managing change, including reorganization, restructuring, outsourcing and managing large divestitures.

My leadership style is practical, result oriented and I believe in coaching people to their full potential. I like to translate ideas and discussions into action, in a goal oriented manner and take a lead in delivering the results. I go the extra mile to deliver on my goals with solid results.

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