Companies face ever greater expectations from investors, regulators, European institutions and society. They are expected to produce good financial performance – and play an important role in sustainable development. To blaze the transition trail successfully, they will need to anticipate and overcome many challenges, including digital risks, climate change, protection gaps and human factors.

Speakers will be share their experience on challenges such as risk transfer, regulation, technology and social pressures.

Find more about this topic on FERMA’s work in this area below:

⇒ War:

  • Webinar How do Risk Managers manage the war in Ukraine?: Click here

⇒ Sustainability and reporting:

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive CSRD: click here
  • FERMA’s full response to the EFRAG consultation:
    • • Part 1, or ‘EFRAG Sustainability Reporting Board Consultation Survey 1A – 1C, 2’ link here
    • • Part 2, or ‘EFRAG Sustainability Reporting Board Consultation Surveys 3A – 3D’, which contains FERMA’s views on standard G1-7 on risk management link here
  • Position paper on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD): click here

⇒ Evolution of cyber threats and Artificial Intelligence:

  • Artificial Intelligence applied to Risk Management here
  • At the junction of corporate governance and cybersecurity
    • » PDF: click here
    • » Webinar: click here
  • Cyber Resilience Act Initiative (CRA) position paper: click here

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