The Missing Role of the Risk Professional in Climate Resilience

Climate is an amplifier of all risks. Are you prepared to go beyond property to manage its impact on workers’ compensation, credit worthiness, directors and officers, supply chain and product liability? Learn new ways to apply your existing skills—and tools—to climate’s impact on individual risks. Discover the advantages of examining all affected risks in a portfolio to assess the full impact of climate risk and value of risk management investments.

Crisis management : Prepared for What Comes Next? Rethinking Crisis and Risk Management Strategies in a Post-Covid World

Review evolving threats to organizations and their workforce through selected case studies. Recognize the increased interest in these subjects by organizations’ leadership and understand the insurance markets’ response through innovative products.  Learn about advisory and training modules available to leadership and the workforce. Examine the tasks ahead for brokerage firms in providing their clients with comprehensive crisis and risk management solutions. Share your experience and thoughts in a Q&A session following the presentation.

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