It is Söderberg & Partners ambition to develop and innovate the insurance industry.

This also comprises the work with sustainability. Apart from implementing a wide range of internal sustainability tools, Söderberg & Partners publishes sustainability reports in 5 different areas, stretching from fund management to non-life insurance, on a yearly basis.As regards our non-life sustainability report we have evaluated 22 insurers and their sustainability work. The basis of the report is a grade system in traffic light form, which is designated to find the insurers who are on the front edge with their sustainabilty work and those who are less successful.

The assessment criterias in the analysis are:

  • Sustainability in claims handling
  • Sustainability awareness and cooperations
  • Sustainability as regards premium placement/management

The results show that 7 of the insurers got a green mark, 9 a yellow and 6 a red flag. In our session we will look more closely on the criterias and the sustainability work of the specific insurers which we evaluated.



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