What do fire, water and natural disasters really mean for your assets? The effect of a loss event does not end physically once the fire has been extinguished or the water has been pumped out.  During our session, we will give you an overview on what you also need to know to make sure losses do not turn into crises. Time is money. But the time after a damage means even more money.

The problem is currently intensified by scarce resources and already existing issues in supply chains. We often see how fatally natural hazards and fire damages are underestimated. Small, spatially limited damages affect entire productions and shut down complete supply chains.

Belfor presentation shows the background and consequences of property damages. We share with you our view and experience as the global damage restoration service provider. We explain how you can prepare your organisation systematically, for instance with RED ALERT® by BELFOR. This also refers to the question which specific points you should add to your business continuity plan. In order to avoid they become crises.


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