How Multinational Program can support Companies’ transition out of current turmoil

·       Fast // Changing // World >  these are the three words of FERMA FORUM 2022 title and they already perfectly frame the situation that insurers are facing everywhere these days: How can we lead the transition to an unknown and complex future?

·       FAST > Companies today are called to face many challenges that just few years ago were not predictable and what we may have taken from granted is changing at an incredibly fast pace and at global scale. Risk environment is constantly evolving and the last 3 years have confirmed this more than ever before: climate changes, pandemic, wars, social and individual balance, inflation threat, supply chain disruption to name a few. Are we using the right lens to interpret what’s happening around us?

·       CHANGING WORLD > Now more than ever before, we are learning that global events have global consequences, which though vary from country to country, depending on a number of other instances and factors.
Globalization is no longer the same phenomenon that we used to know and we are as well witnessing centripetal forces driving countries to close instead of opening.

How can global insurers support this transition?
Which tools can we activate to help our clients navigate the current complex scenario?
Considering all the above, the role of insurance needs to change to support clients’ global expansions in the current turmoil and help them read the new scenarios and understand current and future implications in terms of risk management and impact for the business and its people.

·       MULTINATIONAL PROGRAMS > Multinational Programs are an essential tool to address what’s now keeping global clients “awake at night”.
Global Insurers through the Multinational Program offer 360° degree services and solutions that can leverage on global reach insight and can really go beyond the traditional policy services, e.g., country regulatory and market insights, supporting business through the modern turmoil

For us in Generali, standing by our clients side in such turmoil and being there when it most matters to them, means being true to our Lifetime Partner ambition.


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